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Jeff the Killer cosplay Supernova 2015 and RTX! by Eclipse45856 Jeff the Killer cosplay Supernova 2015 and RTX! :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 1 1 Oz-Con 2015 Zombie Cosplay by Eclipse45856 Oz-Con 2015 Zombie Cosplay :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 4 3
RWBY OC the Xion family Background
When Tsumoro was born, it was during a time where Faunas where frowned upon, and riots would start in the street, people would throw apples and other things at them
When Tsumoro was born, he was born in a normal hospital with his own twin, a child named Ame (Rain in Japanese).
On the walk home, His mother was attacked by the humans, spitting that she had put more demons on the earth. During the attack, Ame was pelted with many rocks, Tsumoro was not hit once. When they got home, the child was almost lifeless. Forcing the small family to move to vale. The Father bought a cabin in the woods when he discovered his mate was expecting
Everyday Ame grew weaker and weaker until he eventually died because the wounds never healed. With this, the mother decided to never let her children leave the house.
She had a job in the town where she hid her tail in her Green dress and had her ears under a hat, she hid her faunas abilities and was able to blend into society, she birthed Akira and Raen in th
:iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 0 0
RWBY OC Backstory, Equinox
There was a student at Beacon named Jack Griffin, He was a halfbeed Faunas, but instead of senses, he had just avian wings. He used no weapons and instead channeled Dust and Aura.
His team and his peers didnt like the face he used raw dust and that he would tattoo himself with it, Somehow getting it into his body so he could use it better.
Jack eventually met someone who promised to put the dust inside him, so he could control it.
On that table he was lifeless as the dust seared his veins and raw power imploded parts of him. Part of the dust was healing though, and in a painful slow progress, he was torn apart and healed until the procedure was over.
The power was too much for him to contain, and he exploded out, destroying the lab and the people in it and rose as equinox, spitting blood from his destroying and healing body, and his eyes bled as raw dust filled them.
He spent weeks curled up in pain before he eventually learnt to control the power, but I there was so much. His memories
:iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 0 0
Team ATCK by Eclipse45856 Team ATCK :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 1 0 My oc's in RWBY RP by Eclipse45856 My oc's in RWBY RP :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 0 1
Slice of Paradise
Weiss sighed angrily into her book, the ice queen was trying to grab her team’s attention to her frustration at their loud ruckus.
“Some of us need to study. Some of us.. WANT TO PASS!” She hissed furiously, her crystal blue eyes gleaming with fury.  While her friends loudly played their card game in their secluded area of the school library.
Yang, a loud impulsive girl laughs as her little sister, Ruby slumps in defeat. Between Yang’s fingers was her trump card. Clearly visible for anyone around them to see.
Ruby however had her face on the desk in utter defeat, letting out a sad moan into the cluster of cards that lay messily in front of her.
“Hahaha! You will never win!” Yang taunted over Nora’s “I’m queen of the castle!” Cry as she set her last card on top of a giant tower. Nora’s ability to balance on 6 chairs stacked precariously wasn't as good as she thought. And was soon tumbling down, all the chairs flying
:iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 0 0
I am fine by Eclipse45856
Mature content
I am fine :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 0 2
Dancing Freddy Fraz Bear.gif by Eclipse45856 Dancing Freddy Fraz Bear.gif :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 2 1 1N54M1TY gaming channel art, Corpse Party Thumb_2 by Eclipse45856 1N54M1TY gaming channel art, Corpse Party Thumb_2 :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 1 0 1N54M1TY Gaming Picture by Eclipse45856 1N54M1TY Gaming Picture :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 0 2 Ceilon Jones and Tsunomon by Eclipse45856 Ceilon Jones and Tsunomon :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 11 6 Pokemon Trainer Red by Eclipse45856 Pokemon Trainer Red :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 2 0 Gift for Acorn by Eclipse45856 Gift for Acorn :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 1 3 Red Vs Blue Team Red by Eclipse45856 Red Vs Blue Team Red :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 0 0 Red Vs Blue Blue Team by Eclipse45856 Red Vs Blue Blue Team :iconeclipse45856:Eclipse45856 3 0


Connection by yuumei Connection :iconyuumei:yuumei 55,033 2,300 Connor Kenway Portrait by jacobLivesinaTARDIS Connor Kenway Portrait :iconjacoblivesinatardis:jacobLivesinaTARDIS 1 0 The Demon by KarinaLoveDubai The Demon :iconkarinalovedubai:KarinaLoveDubai 312 72 Ghul by Telemaniakk Ghul :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 516 23 Cry - Dum. Dum dum. by DokuDoki Cry - Dum. Dum dum. :icondokudoki:DokuDoki 1,313 146 Adam Taurus VS Sun Wukong (BONUS!!) by patgarci Adam Taurus VS Sun Wukong (BONUS!!) :iconpatgarci:patgarci 189 86 Are you a boy or a girl ? by kawacy Are you a boy or a girl ? :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,557 899 the Real vs the Fake by kawacy the Real vs the Fake :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,373 308 Jack Nightmare by kawacy Jack Nightmare :iconkawacy:kawacy 6,425 225 consumed by jacobLivesinaTARDIS consumed :iconjacoblivesinatardis:jacobLivesinaTARDIS 28 11 X by AyUzaChan14 X :iconayuzachan14:AyUzaChan14 12 2 Ghost Messenger again by kawacy Ghost Messenger again :iconkawacy:kawacy 6,144 116 Commissions by Telemaniakk Commissions :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 426 25 Eddsworld: The Movie - Character Poster #2 (Tom) by SuperSmash3DS Eddsworld: The Movie - Character Poster #2 (Tom) :iconsupersmash3ds:SuperSmash3DS 148 15 Last Ticket to Paradise by ijuraru Last Ticket to Paradise :iconijuraru:ijuraru 132 28 George And Letaus. XP by Letaus234 George And Letaus. XP :iconletaus234:Letaus234 2 3



Eclipse45856's Profile Picture
Samantha Adams
I am a 17 year old girl from Down Under. I LOVE anime and Pokemon! :pokeball:
I like to draw anime, I am not very good but when I like what i draw, Everyone knows XD

Pre-warning, I overuse smileys ALL THE TIME!!

:spotlight-left: So a round-of applause to... YOU! :spotlight-right:
Thank you for visiting my profile, i'm open to trades all the time! :D

Thank you :D again
:nuu: :squee:

ID Picture: Supernova 2014, me inside the T.A.R.D.I.S Staring at friend like "Dafuq are you doing outside my T.A.R.D.I.S Bro?"

Personal Palls :3
:iconsupersmash3ds: :iconacornshadez: :icon321facepunch:

Edd Gould pixel doll by AprylElric Tom Ridgewell pixel doll by AprylElric Matt Hargreaves pixel doll by AprylElric Tord Pixel Doll by AprylElric
gotta love these guys QAQ >Eddsworld<

="…"> ="…"> ="…">

Honerable mentions to
:icontomska: :iconeddsworld: :iconsupersmash3ds: :iconpaultervoorde: :iconitsbirdyart: :iconcutiebunch: :icontamarinfrog: :icontelemaniakk: :iconmattlobster: :iconyuumei:

For your AMAZING work :D You guys are practically my heros.

aaaand here is a list of my general interests are >Fav Doctor is the 10th<
Not in any general order

BUTTON: Jane The Killer Fan by FrozenStrike

R.I.P Edd Gould
Edd Gould Rememberance by That-Scallywag
AGAIN WITH THE BREAKING OF THE FINGER!!!  Ouch  It is a main one on my hand, I am finding it difficult to do ANYTHING!!! Don't worry I havn't given up on you ^_^ the show MUST GO ON!! 

"You nuffy!? How did you do it?" 
Well all important veiwer, I was playing air hockey at my youth group, the disk gets stuck, So I grabbed the puck and SLAMMED it into the table, my finger cracking, Broken then to realize the disk was on the other side...

"Excuses excuses.. I bet you're trying to get out of drawing because you're too lazy to draw >.>" 

No! It's true beg  the last time I did it my friend was teaching me how to shuffle, I took a break and leaned back, my fingers curled up slightly, my friend was shuffling but kicking his foot down, he thought it would be funny to do it to my hand but missed and stomped on my finger, it cracked and bent out of shape.NaNoEmo day 29 - Ow! 


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